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Bambooland Sustainable Farming Project

The Bambooland Project is an ongoing farmer training program that focusses on permaculture, micro-organism technology, soil conservation and sustainable agriculture. The skills learned in this program will greatly increase productivity and economic strength for rural communities in Northern Mindanao.

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Most farmers struggle for their daily existence, and to prevent starvation often have no choice but to sell trees to the loggers. Teaching them how to create a more efficient and productive acgricultural system will assist not only in alleviating their poverty and hunger, but also prevent further deforestation of virgin rainforests.

At the beginning of 2004, the 'Bamboo Land' Project was established in Misamis Oriental. The 30ha farming site is a mix of established tropical fruit trees and crops.  The scarce remains of the ancient rainforest, which was logged over 30 years ago, can be seen here and there on the property. 

Rainforest Remnants  Narra Tree  Virgin Rainforest


The Crops

Fruit trees such as Marang, Coconut, Papaya, Lanzones, Guaveno, Avocado, Pugahan Palms and Rhambutan are grown in abundance.

Marang and Coconut Trees  MaizeCrop


Bambusa Giganticus, Philippine Giant bamboo was planted along the creek edges as a building material and source of food as well as erosion control due to heavy tropical flooding.

Bamboo Giganticus

Two Hectares of Ginger was planted as a seed crop for distribution to six other project sites.

Planting GingerHarvesting Ginger

Peanuts superseded the ginger as a green Manure crop to replenish the nitrogen lost through leeching and plant growth.

Peanut Crop  Ginger Crop


Composting and green manure cropping are taught to the farmers to ensure their soil remains fertile in the tropical conditions.

Compost Pile

Gardening & Farming Technology

Over the next six months two hectares of vegetable, herb and flower gardens were established with many seeds being donated by Australian supporters.

Micro-organism technology, an ancient Korean farming technique, teaches farmers how to catch and grow micro-organisms. Lactobacillus, Forest and Bamboo micro-organisms, rhizobium and seaweed are among the many utilized. These are then sprayed on the soils and plants for stimulated growth and good plant health. Lacto is also used for health of the pigs and Chickens.

Applying Lactobacillus

SALT--Sloping Agricultural Land Technology- Tribal farmers were trained in the A frame technique of contouring as a preventative measure to stopping erosion on the slopes.



Water System

Water Tanks and piping are the next service envisaged to be installed in 2006, which will eliminate the labourious task of hand watering.

If you would like to assist us in getting this project established, your generosity would be graciously appreciated.

Bridge 1  Bridge 2


Animal Husbandry

A small piggery was also begun starting with the donation of female and male breeder pigs, Bill and Lorna. The pigs are bred to produce manure as fertilizer for the garden, food for the farmers and economic return.

Animal Husbandry Piggery


Accommodation and Facilities

A communal meeting house, complete with cooking facilities and staff accommodation was the first building to be erected, followed by huts for trainees and visitors


Accommodation HutStaff Hut

     Tree House

We would like to thank all the people who supported the project from its conception, and hope that many more will join with us to help secure the future of the Filipino farming communities, through hands-on education. They in turn will go back to their own faming communities and educate their peers by example.

Entrance to Bamboo Land

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