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Resources and links to sites that provide information and services on rainforest conservation and protection, as well as other environmental issues.

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Reciprocal Link Partner
Eco 4 the World

A Big Durian Productions project, in partnership with United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to promote Goal Seven of the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals; namely, care for the environment and the need for sustainable development. The project creates environmental awareness around the world through a magazine-style TV series showcasing positive environmental action, in a fun and innovative manner. The TV series is supported online (see www.eco4theworld.com) and through mobile communication.

Reciprocal Link PartnerEco Earth - The Environmental Sustainability Source
An information gateway empowering the movement for environmental sustainability, providing full text searches, news, links and more. Some of their projects include: Eco Earth, ClimateArk,
WaterConserve, Forests.org, and Ocean Conserve.

Forest Peoples Programme
The Forest Peoples Programme is an NGO, established in 1990 by the World Rainforest Movement specifically to work with forest peoples in their struggle to survive the global forest crisis.

International organisation to influence, encourage and assist societies throughout the world to conserve the integrity and diversity of nature and to ensure that any use of natural resources is equitable and ecologically sustainable.

Rainforest Alliance
Working with companies, cooperatives and landowners to protect ecosystems and the people and wildlife that depend on them by transforming land-use practices, business practices and consumer behavior.

Rainforest Information Center
We are a a non-profit, volunteer organisation dedicated to the protection of the Earth's remaining rainforests and the indigenous people who depend on them.

Rainforest Portal
A Rainforest Portal dedicated to protection of the world's remaining tropical rainforests and the rights of their inhabitants. The portal provides unprecedented rainforest action, news, search and analysis capabilities. Rainforest Portal is part of a group of portals, including: Eco Earth, (see link above), ClimateArkForests.orgWaterConserve, Ocean Conserve.

Save Our Earth
Campaigning to save the Rainforests before their destruction leads to the end of civilisation on Earth.

Save The Primates - Promoting Conservation & Quality of Life for Endangered Primates
Australian non-profit organisation raising awareness about endangered primates & raising funds for primate conservation & wildlife sanctuaries projects, including select PASA Sanctuaries, for primate enclosures, education centres & programs, and animal rescues. Providing awareness of issues such as the Bushmeat Trade, the Wildlife Trade, Animal Experimentation and info on Primates Close To Extinction. Donate to our Chimfunshi Wildlife Sanctuary Project, or signup to our Save The Primates Newsletter for updates.



Reciprocal Link PartnerSoul Awakening - Spiritual Poetry & Healing
A place of self-empowerment, spiritual enlightenment & awareness, personal & spiritual growth through Poetry, Philosophy, Healing Services, wisdom and quotes. Offering hope, encouragement and inspiration to help awaken sleeping souls to their beauty and precious individuality.

Reciprocal Link PartnerPearls Of Wisdom - Inspirational Quotes & Sayings
Inspirational quotes, sayings and stories to inspire and uplift. Dedicated to inspiration, insight and healing through the magic and power of words. Including Buddhist Wisdom, Native American Wisdom. Soul Shoppe, Peace Page, Empowering Women, Healthy Living.

The Body Shop
High quality international skin and body care retailer, using natural products and dedicated to becoming a sustainable business, using environmentally sustainable resources, both locally and globally. The Body Shop staff are all actively involved in community projects such as human rights, protecting the planet and are against animal testing.



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Unahi Mindanao Inc.


Non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of the largest remaining virgin rainforest in the Philippines and its inhabitants, through its agro-forestry Buffer Zone Project and other initiatives.

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